It's a kind
of magic.


Merlin is the smart walking stick designed to improve life in the third age by keeping one’s health under control while moving safely.

Merlin talks to the next generation of seniors, the baby boomers, who are familiar with technology and the Internet of Things and demand more and more high-performance but easy-to-use products.

Merlin looks like a normal walking stick, but the sensors inside the handle will constantly monitor one’s heartbeat and steps, showing the data on a built-in display and on the dedicated app.

Through the app, Merlin can send notifications of alerts to the user’s phone and to the phones of her/his loved ones.

For example, if the heartbeat goes too high or if the stick suffers a strong impact, remaining on the ground for too long, Merlin will send an alert message to the registered numbers with the user’s GPS position for prompt intervention.

Merlin represents a revolution in the field of mobility-aid for seniors, as well as a great opportunity to dialogue with the next generation of users.

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